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Lin's lab is dedicated to the study of the mechanism of tumor metastasis and drug resistance and is also engaged in translational medicine research to develop treating agents that we hope will benefit patients in the future. Our research is focused on the design and screening of functional antibodies for the treatment of several diseases, such as cancer, immunology, and antiviral. The main research areas are currently as follows.

A. Investigation of mechanisms of cancer metastasis and drug resistance

B. Exploration of disease targets

C. Antibodies screening and development of antibodies for anti-cancer activity or immune modulation
D. Cell line improvement to enhance antibodies' activity and performance

E. Antibody-related platform development
F. Glycosylation research​


A. 癌症轉移與抗藥性之機制探討

B. 疾病靶點的探勘

C. 抗體篩選與開發,以進行抗癌活性評估或免疫調整效果評估
D. 細胞株改良,以增進抗體活性與表現量

E. 抗體相關平台開發
F.  醣類酵素研究

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